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Joan Merrill Author Interview, May 2022

Professor Joan Merrill discusses the results from the Phase 2 trial of iberdomide in SLE. Iberdomide is a cereblon modulator that promotes degradation of the transcription factors Ikaros and Aiolos, which affect leukocyte development and autoimmunity. In this Phase 2 trial, Iberdomide was evaluated for the treatment of SLE. Patients were randomly assigned in a 2:2:1:2 ratio to receive oral iberdomide at a dose of 0.45, 0.30, or 0.15 mg, or placebo once daily for 24 weeks. A higher percentage of patients receiving iberdomide 0.45 mg achieved SRI-4 response than those receiving placebo.

Lupus Podcast March 2022

Join Professors Ed Vital and Laurent Arnaud as they review the literature from January to March 2022, including recent anifrolumab and iberdomide data, as well scoring systems, EULAR recommendations for cardiovascular risk management and the impact of belimumab on flare risk in lupus nephritis.