A Randomized, Controlled Double-Blind Study Comparing The Efficacy And Safety Of Dose-Ranging Voclosporin With Placebo In Achieving Remission In Patients With Active Lupus Nephritis

Kidney Int 2019;95:219–31

Calcineurin inhibitors have the potential to increase the likelihood of complete renal remission (CRR) when added to standard-of-care induction therapy for LN.

Rovin et al report on AURA-LV, a Phase 2 study into the efficacy and safety of the novel calcineurin inhibitor voclosporin and show that a significantly greater proportion of patients treated with voclosporin achieved CRR at Week 24 versus those treated with placebo. This response persisted to Week 48. However, higher rates of AEs were noted in the voclosporin.