Efficacy of anifrolumab across organ domains in patients with moderate-to-severe systemic lupus erythematosus: a post-hoc analysis of pooled data from the TULIP-1 and TULIP-2 trials

Lancet Rheumatol. Published online February 3, 2022

Anifrolumab is a fully human, immunoglobulin G1κ monoclonal antibody shown in phase 3 trials to improve overall disease activity, reduce glucocorticoid use and flares, and improve skin disease in patients with moderate-to-severe SLE. However, the clinical heterogeneity of SLE means that the ability to reduce disease activity regardless of the pattern of organ system involvement is an important attribute for any new therapy.

To this end, Morand, et al. undertook a post-hoc analysis of the two phase 3 studies to evaluate the efficacy of anifrolumab on organ domain-specific SLE disease activity.