SGLT2 Inhibitors Alleviated Podocyte Damage in Lupus Nephritis by Decreasing Inflammation and Enhancing Autophagy

Ann Rheum Dis. 2023 DOI: 10.1136/ard-2023-224242

Data revealed a renoprotective effect of SGLT2 inhibitors by reducing proteinuria and preserving renal function in the murine MRL/lpr lupus model.

This study aimed to investigate the impact of empagliflozin treatment in lupus-prone MRL/lpr mice to explore the renal protective potential of SGLT2 inhibitors, as well as their capacity to prevent podocyte injury.

This publication also includes a retrospective review of SLE patients treated with SGLT2 inhibitors was also undertaken to further investigate real world effects. They found that the use of SGLT2 inhibitors was associated with a significant decrease in proteinuria, as well as a relatively stable eGFR.

More evidence from real-world or large clinical trials using SGLT2 inhibitors is needed in patients with LN.